The Beauty Of Iron Art

May 11th, 2019 by x9NC9k


Many people love the beauty of metal that has been formed and shaped into a decorative piece by iron art Lubbock TX metal workers. Working with iron and other metals has been around for many years and there are examples all over the world of beautiful iron work. From fences to railings to wall art, iron and other metals has been adorning homes since at least the Victorian age and you can still see examples of this work in many cities in older neighborhoods. Even today, metal work serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose and is used in many homes and in a variety of styles including European, Western, Victorian, modern, and traditional. You can even have an iron piece created by local metal workers that is customized for your home.

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The European-style is extremely popular, especially French and Italian, and you can find a variety of furniture, plant stands, fireplace grates, stair railings, and wall pieces that are created out of iron. Iron art Lubbock TX artists heat bars of iron and then use tongs and other tools to turn it into a beautiful array of leaves, flowers, and other motifs. Some artists will put a copper tint into the iron to give it an older patina look while other artists will leave it simple and black. Since iron is a natural substance it is popular with European style and is manipulated into all kinds of decorative bases and backgrounds for bakers racks, coffee tables, shelves, and tables. Some people will even have wrought iron used in their staircases and on the entrance of their wine cellar, having it adorned with natural motifs.

Even in North America wrought iron played an important role in many communities and often people used it to display their wealth. For example, if you visit an old cemetery, you will likely find many grave sites that are surrounded with wrought iron fencing and wrought iron art and this was to show others that the deceased came from wealthy backgrounds. Southern homes often displayed wrought iron in their fences, gates, and other parts of their homes and this was because wrought iron was fairly expensive so not everyone could afford it. This interest in metalworking has contributed to the success of iron art Lubbock TX artists and their studios and you will find that these professionals create a wide variety of household items from metals. Even today, pieces from iron art Lubbock TX studios are considered part of the fine art market and these artists create wall pieces that are nostalgic in nature, depicting cowboys, horses, and other Western themes.