Overweight and Overlooked

January 22nd, 2020 by x9NC9k

If you’re a young or middle-aged adult who is at least 100 pounds overweight, you’re not only jeopardizing your health, but your ability to succeed and move ahead in both business and social situations. So what to do? You’ve already tried low-calorie diets, drugs, behavioral modification, running, stepping and crunching—with little or no results. Now, two surgical procedures provide hope for the hopelessly overweight. Best of all, they may be covered by your health insurance.

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Americans by the millions are going on diets, running, stepping and crunching to work off those excess pounds. Unfortunately, there are many young to middle-aged adults whose health is being jeopardized by morbid obesity—people who are at least 100 pounds overweight or twice their ideal weight. This excess weight often limits their ability to succeed and move ahead in both business and social situations. They also risk such life-threatening conditions as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, orthopedic problems, gall bladder disease and sleep apnea.

Bariatric Surgery offers new hope

While numerous medical therapeutic approaches to morbid obesity have been advocated, including low-calorie diets, drugs, behavioral modification and exercise therapy, the majority of patients fail to maintain the reduced body weight. The only treatment proven effective in the long-term management of morbid obesity is bariatric surgery—such as a gastric bypass or the new gastric banding procedure.

New non-invasive techniques allow for faster, better recovery

Many morbidly obese patients are reluctant to undergo gastric bypass surgery—traditionally an open, invasive procedure. But thanks to new, minimally invasive surgical techniques, this “last-resort” procedure has become more appealing. The non-invasive techniques use tiny slits in the abdomen that allow a surgeon to insert a camera-equipped scope and surgical instruments to perform surgical procedures. These techniques are equally successful and offer many added patient benefits. The benefits include less post-operative pain, reduced risk of wound infection, a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and a more rapid improvement in quality of life. There are basically two types of surgeries to treat extreme weight loss.

Gastric Bypass…proven, effective, but irreversible

The most commonly known, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, involves refashioning the stomach into a small pouch and bypassing part of the small intestine. This not only limits the absorption of food but also produces a feeling of fullness in less time. Although Roux-en-Y has been used for years with clinical results attesting to its effectiveness, the procedure is irreversible and patients are advised to thoroughly discuss its risk factors with their physicians.

Lap-Band Surgery…simpler, reversible with less risk

A newer, less extreme alternative is Lap-Band surgery, or adjustable gastric banding. Approved by the FDA just last year, the procedure involves less risk than the Roux-en-Y. Instead of bypassing the stomach, a “balloon” is banded around the stomach to produce an early feeling of fullness. The balloon-like device is inserted through a small incision and inflate it with saline solution to cinch the stomach and limit its capacity. The operation takes about 60 minutes and usually requires a one-day hospital stay. The band can later be tightened or loosened as needed—without further surgery—by adjusting the amount of saline solution through a portal under the patient’s skin. The device can even be removed entirely if necessary. Reduced risk, simplicity and reversibility make the Lap-Band more attractive to today’s patients.

How much weight will I lose? How soon?

Results depend on a variety of factors and vary with each patient. Most gastric bypass patients experience fairly rapid weight loss in the first three to six months after surgery. Weight loss slows, but generally continues up to 12 to 18 months after surgery, averaging 65 to 75 percent of excess body weight. With the Lap-Band, weight loss is generally slower and more gradual compared to the gastric bypass. Typically, patients lose up to 55 percent of their excess body weight within 18 months following laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery. The normal hospital stay for Lap-Band patients is one day with a return to most activities in seven days.

Surgery is only the first step

Regardless of procedure, a team approach is recommended for solving a patient’s weight problem. This includes a comprehensive evaluation and support before and after surgery for the greatest chance of weight loss success. The operation itself is not the whole answer. A multidisciplinary approach—surgeon, internist, dietician and psychiatrist—is needed to help the patient lose and keep weight off. The goal is not only weight lossFeature Articles, but the reversal of serious medical conditions.

Is it covered by my insurance?

Most insurance carriers will cover a gastric bypass if you are eligible for the procedure. Insurance coverage for adjustable gastric banding is variable and will depend on your insurance.

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New Innovations In Mountain Climbing Gear: Help In Popularizing This Sport

January 21st, 2020 by x9NC9k

The sport of mountain climbing has become very popular and nowhere is this more noticeable than in America where every day there are many more new enthusiastic mountain climbers swelling the ranks of people that have made this sport their favorite. The fact of the matter is that mountain climbing is a sport that offers more excitement, adventure as well as fun than almost any other sport – provided you do it in the proper manner. Thus, to get the most out of this sport, you need to take into account things such as choosing the proper route, which your partner in the climb is, going to be and also your own expertise level.

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Risks that Need to be Considered

To be sure, there are many risks closely associated with mountain climbing including the terrain and the weather conditions and a few other conditions as well. Thus, to ensure that you are able to enjoy safe mountain climbing, you must ensure that you use the proper mountain climbing gear including proper pair of climbing shoes. Fortunately, manufacturers of mountain climbing gear have succeeded in providing climbers with the best equipment and so, you can be sure that whatever gear you buy it will be strong and durable as well as light in weight – and also very safe.

Besides climbing shoes, you will also need to use other mountain climbing gear such as gloves, ropes, harnesses, belay devices, racks, karabiners, helmets as well as axes, ATC and headlamps as well as many more items which you will probably choose according to your needs. Obviously, you will also want to include food and water as well as sunglasses, sun block, first aid kit and camera, and tent and cookware. Among the special items of training equipment you need to have are grip savers, campus boards, fingerboards and even a knife.

Once you have bought your mountain climbing gear you then need to carry it very carefully till you get to the top of the rock and to facilitate this, you may need to clip a few things to your harness while also carrying the lighter items in your pockets, though of course the number of items you can carry in this way will be rather limited. In fact, there are many rock climbers who have found it better to use special backpacks in which to hold all their essential items.

When it comes to choosing the better types of mountain climbing gear you can choose from big names such as Black Diamond, Nixon, Volcom, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear and a few other names as well. Also, you should ensure that the items of mountain climbing gear that you buy have already been certified by International Federation of Mountaineering Association as well as the European Committee for Standardization.

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Ireland’s smoking ban a success after first year

Ireland’s smoking ban a success after first year
January 21st, 2020 by x9NC9k

Monday, March 28, 2005

Tomorrow will be an historic day in the Republic of Ireland. It will be exactly one year since the initial introduction of the once controversial smoking ban. The ban, introduced on March 29 2004, made Ireland the first country in world to completely ban smoking in all workplaces.

The idea was initially met with much skepticism by the Irish who traditionally had a worldwide image as a land of drinkers and smokers. However despite this early uncertainty, the ban has been a huge success. Cigarettes sales have fallen by as much as 60% in Pubs, with the country’s biggest tobacco brand, Gallaher, reporting an overall drop in sales of 7.5%.

The Taoiseach Bertie Ahern announced earlier this month that over 7,000 had given up smoking in the past twelve months. A survey by the Irish Department of Health showed 82% supported the ban. Anti-smoking lobby groups such as ASH had been calling for a ban for many years prior to the Government’s initiative.

On 3 December 2003, New Zealand passed the Smokefree Environments Amendment Bill which lead it to become the second nation to impose a total ban. Its ban came into effect nine months after Ireland’s, on 10 December 2004. In January of this year Italy also introduced a ban. Sweden intends to go smoke free in June of this year and in Scotland, the Parliament hopes to have a ban in effect by early 2006.

Poker Games On Mississippi Riverboats?}

January 21st, 2020 by x9NC9k

Submitted by: Alexes Lebeau

Poker Games on Mississippi Riverboats?

Poker history traces several pedigrees and there is no real clue about its origin. The game was feverishly played on the riverboats cruising the mighty Mississippi in the 1800s. Today poker is played online and offline with big stakes to boot. Reports have it that the history of poker is traced to the Persian game of nas. Accordingly, the Persian version resembled the rules of the modern poker.

Persia, once a superpower had great ships. The country traded with far-oft countries, and one of those was France. Persian sailors introduced the card game to the French and the French developed a liking for it. Soon the game acquired the influence of the French connection

What is in a Name?

There are fascinating versions how the name poker evolved. Poker history points to France as the source of the name from the French poque. In Germany, in the 16th century, the Germans had an interesting bluffing game they called pochen. In England, there was the game of brag, also a bluffing game. All these may have directly or indirectly influenced the modern poker.

The Gold Rush and New Orleans Salons

Sketchy Poker history reports that it was played in New Orleans salons and gaming rooms in 1829. A 20 card deck and four players betted which hand held the most prized card. In California, miners of the gold rush played poker as a past time. When the great American Civil War erupted, the simple poker adapted stud poker and draw poker. People were playing five cards. At this point, the Flush was introduced. In 1875, the wild card was discovered.

In the 1900 it is purported that split pot poker and lowball was devised; and was followed suit by the full 52 card deck. In 1925, the community cards debuted in Asia. This is attributed to the poker playing American soldiers.

The Lure of Poker

Poker history reflects Persian, France, German, English and American influences. The lure of poker persisted across countries and centuries.

A significant historic milestone was the first Poker World Series in the 1970s. This led to the recognition of the game on a professional level. As more people loved the game, poker books became widely popular; the more serious books were written by David Skalnsky, Mike Caro, and Doyle Brunson.

Poker has invaded TV, and heavyweight poker tourneys are broadcast live via cable and satellite. This indicated the extent of the lure of poker around the world.

With the advent of the internet, poker soon found its niche, and poker is doggedly trailed offline and online by all of its avid followers. Therefore, it is not unusual to find online poker gaming rooms always booked with thousands of players. In addition, everything you need to know about poker is available on the internet.

So, from Persia to the Mississippi, the gold rush and to the first man on the moon, men continued to love poker. History repeats itself.

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Asbestos controversy aboard Scientology ship Freewinds

Asbestos controversy aboard Scientology ship Freewinds
January 21st, 2020 by x9NC9k

Friday, May 16, 2008

Controversy has arisen over the reported presence of blue asbestos on the MV Freewinds, a cruise ship owned by the Church of Scientology. According to the Saint Martin newspaper The Daily Herald and the shipping news journal Lloyd’s List, the Freewinds was sealed in April and local public health officials on the Caribbean island of Curaçao where the ship is docked began an investigation into the presence of asbestos dust on the ship. Former Scientologist Lawrence Woodcraft supervised work on the ship in 1987, and attested to the presence of blue asbestos on the Freewinds in an affidavit posted to the Internet in 2001. Woodcraft, a licensed architect by profession, gave a statement to Wikinews and commented on the recent events.

According to The Daily Herald, the Freewinds was in the process of being renovated by the Curaçao Drydock Company. The article states that samples taken from paneling in the ship were sent to the Netherlands, where an analysis revealed that they “contained significant levels of blue asbestos”. An employee of the Curaçao Drydock Company told Radar Online in an April 30 article that the Freewinds has been docked and sealed, and confirmed that an article about asbestos ran in the local paper.

Lloyd’s List reported that work on the interior of the Freewinds was suspended on April 27 after health inspectors found traces of blue asbestos on the ship. According to Lloyd’s List, Frank Esser, Curaçao Drydock Company’s interim director, joined Curaçao’s head of the department of labor affairs Christiene van der Biezen along with the head of the local health department Tico Ras and two inspectors in an April 25 inspection of the ship. “We are sending someone so that they can tell us what happened, where it came from, since when it has been there,” said Panama Maritime Authority’s director of merchant marine Alfonso Castillero in a statement to Lloyd’s List.

The Church of Scientology purchased the ship, then known as the Bohème, in 1987, through an organization called Flag Ship Trust. After being renovated and refitted, it was put into service in June 1988. The ship is used by the Church of Scientology for advanced Scientology training in “Operating Thetan” levels, as well as for spiritual retreats for its members. Curaçao has been the ship’s homeport since it was purchased by the Church of Scientology.

According to his 2001 statement, Lawrence Woodcraft had been an architect in London, England since 1975, and joined Scientology’s elite “Sea Organization” (Sea Org) in 1986. He wrote that he was asked by the Sea Org to work on the Freewinds in 1987, and during his work on the ship “noticed a powdery blue fibrous substance approximately 1 ½” thick between the paint and the steel wall,” which he believed to be asbestos. He also discovered what he thought was blue asbestos in other parts of the ship, and reported his findings to Church of Scientology executives. Woodcraft discussed his experiences in a 2001 interview published online by the Lisa McPherson Trust, a now-defunct organization which was critical of the Church of Scientology.

The Freewinds regularly inspects the air quality on board and always meets or exceeds US standards.

Church of Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw responded to Radar Online about the asbestos reports, in an email published in an article in Radar on May 1. “The Freewinds regularly inspects the air quality on board and always meets or exceeds US standards,” said Pouw. She stated that two inspections performed in April “confirmed that the air quality is safe,” and asserted that the inspections revealed the Freewinds satisfies standards set by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the U.S. Clean Air Act.

Pouw told Radar that “The Freewinds will be completing its refit on schedule.” The Church of Scientology-affiliated organization Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) had been planning a cruise aboard the Freewinds scheduled for May 8, but according to Radar an individual who called the booking number for the cruise received a message that the cruise had been delayed due to ongoing work on the ship. Citing an article in the Netherlands Antilles newspaper Amigoe, Radar reported on May 6 that a team from the United States and supervised by an independent bureau from the Netherlands traveled to Curaçao in order to remove asbestos from the Freewinds.

…if the Church of Scientology claims to have removed the blue asbestos, I just don’t see how, it’s everywhere. You would first have to remove all the pipes, plumbing, a/c ducts, electrical wiring etc. etc. just a maze of stuff.

“I stand by everything I wrote in my 2001 affidavit,” said Lawrence Woodcraft in an exclusive statement given to Wikinews. Woodcraft went on to state: “I would also comment that if the Church of Scientology claims to have removed the blue asbestos, I just don’t see how, it’s everywhere. You would first have to remove all the pipes, plumbing, a/c ducts, electrical wiring etc. etc. just a maze of stuff. Also panelling as well, basically strip the ship back to a steel hull. Also blue asbestos is sprayed onto the outer walls and then covered in paint. It’s in every nook and cranny.”

Many Scientologist celebrities have spent time aboard the Freewinds, including Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Chick Corea, Lisa Marie Presley, Catherine Bell, Kate Ceberano, and Juliette Lewis. Now magazine reported that Tom Cruise has been urged to seek medical attention regarding potential asbestos exposure, however a representative for Cruise stated he has “absolutely no knowledge” of the recent asbestos controversy. Cruise, Holmes, Travolta and Preston have celebrated birthdays and other events on the Freewinds.

There is not now and never has been a situation of asbestos exposure on the Freewinds.

In a May 15 statement to the United Kingdom daily newspaper Metro, a representative for the Church of Scientology said that “There is not now and never has been a situation of asbestos exposure on the Freewinds.” The Asbestos and Mesothelioma Center notes that agencies have recommended anyone who has spent time on the Freewinds consult with their physician to determine if possible asbestos exposure may have affected their health.

Raw blue asbestos is the most hazardous form of asbestos, and has been banned in the United Kingdom since 1970. Blue asbestos fibers are very narrow and thus easily inhaled, and are a major cause of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which can develop in the lining of the lungs and chest cavity, the lining of the abdominal cavity, or the pericardium sac surrounding the heart. The cancer is incurable, and can manifest over 40 years after the initial exposure to asbestos.

“This is the most dangerous type of asbestos because the fibres are smaller than the white asbestos and can penetrate the lung more easily,” said toxicologist Dr. Chris Coggins in a statement published in OK! Magazine. Dr. Coggins went on to note that “Once diagnosed with mesothelioma, the victim has six months to a year to live. It gradually reduces lung function until the victim is no longer able to breathe and dies.”

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How to tow a caravan safely

January 20th, 2020 by x9NC9k

The idea of towing a caravan can put many people off buying one, but it needn’t be scary at all. With a little care and preparation, towing a caravan can be stress-free and safe, providing you follow these common-sense rules.

Give yourself more space and time for everything. Brake earlier, accelerate more slowly, and leave more stopping distance. You’re towing a giant room made of plastic, wood and metal behind you, so drive as carefully as possible.

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Take corners wider than you would in a car, so the back of the caravan doesn’t clip the kerb. One false move could destroy all your glassware.

Speed limits are lower when you’re a tower – for instance, don’t exceed 50mph on a single carriageway, or 60mph on a dual carriageway or motorway. You can’t use the outside lane of a three-lane motorway either, unless instructed to do so.

Make sure you have a good view of your caravan – extension mirrors are essential. Take them off when you’re not towing – it’s illegal to use them with nothing in tow.

Do not transport humans or animals in your caravan while you’re towing. An excited dog could easily knock the caravan off balance.

And forget felt tip pens on cardboard – your number plate must conform to British Standards and be illuminated at night.

And finally, ignore what the nasty men say on Top Gear too – caravan users have just as much right to be on the road as any other user. But if you do find a long queue of traffic waiting behind youComputer Technology Articles, pull into a lay-by to let the other vehicles pass. It’s the polite thing to do!

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Top Ways to Support Yourself through College without a Loan

January 13th, 2020 by x9NC9k

Are you going to college? Most definitely you are thinking of supporting yourself through loans. They are easier to find, and many no longer demand a lot of requirements. Here is the problem, though. Even before you get yourself in school, you are already in debt. By the time you graduate, you spend a lot of your income paying it off. For a couple of years, you will never be able to save and enjoy your salary.

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There are a lot of ways on how to have money for college without resorting to loans. Here are some of the best ideas:

Apply for free money for college. 

Free money? Really? Of course! For one, you can apply for grant money. Grants provide a huge amount of financial assistance to anyone who can prove his or her worth. You can also search for scholarships. Not all scholarships will cover the entire cost of your education, but they do pay for your tuition, which constitutes a bulk of your college expenses.

The scholarships and grants can be offered by private organizations or by the college department where you belong. It is best to research about them months before you go to college, so you can choose which one is best.

Look for a job. 

Another way to have money for school is to search for a part-time job. Businesses prefer young ones as they are more alert and eager to learn. Moreover, they are more likely to stick with work because they need it.

Because you are still in school, begin with a part-time job. You can settle for a full-time one when you have plenty of time in your hands. After all, your top priority is still your studies, not work.

Maintain a supplementary card. 

Rather than getting your own credit card, apply for a supplementary account. It is easier for your parents to keep track of your expenses, you are not provided with a huge amount of money, and you pay cheaper fees.

Settle close to school. 

If you are looking for an accommodation, choose one that is not too far from school. You want to avoid using a car while in college and save up on transport costs by walking your way to school. If possible, check if there is still an available space in university dorm rooms.

Study well. 

Get good grades in school. This way, you will not have a hard time looking for a job. You may even be recommended by your college. Most of all, you can easily apply for a college scholarship if you are an academic achiever.

Control your expenses. 

You are studying on a very tight budget. You should not spend it on parties, vices, and other useless things.

Visualize your success. 

You will be more persistent to succeed when you do visualization. The motivation will also help you seek more ways on how to secure money for college. Nevertheless, to make visualization more effective, you can combine it with subliminal messages or affirmations.

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Finding The Right Pr Agency

January 10th, 2020 by x9NC9k

If you are a company or individual in need of good quality PR services, then you will need to take your time to find the right company who you can hire to do a great job.

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These PR agencies are responsible for promoting events and noteworthy individuals in the public eye. There are many important things to consider when looking for a personal relations company who can successfully and efficiently manage the PR aspects of your events. When looking at all of the different PR agencies out there, you will want to choose one that has been given awards for outstanding performance and excellent service for their clients. The agency that you get should go above and beyond normal responsibilities and aim for something higher.

When you need to make sure that all the major events for your business are covered, you will want a PR agency that always stays on top of things and gets the word out as much as possible. Not having the right PR for your events can mean spiraling into a downward cycle of lost profits and visibility. You will want to make sure that the company you are considering has worked with high profile individuals before, because the more experience they have, the better you will feel about hiring them. The internet is constantly growing and thriving, so you may want to consider looking into online PR.

It is a good idea for many reasons, but most of all because all sorts of people access the internet. You will be able to let millions of people at a time know about your media events and anything else you want the public to be aware of. Going online for your PR means reaching out to a whole new set of people and getting the kind of exposure you have always dreamed about. Good PR is something that every business or famous individual wants. It means the difference between having a career or business that is thriving and one that begins going backwards in terms of profitability or public awareness.

Whenever there is a large public event, there is always a PR agency behind it. That is exactly how regular individuals find out about these events and attend them. It’s all about getting the word out and spreading public awareness so the event will be as successful as possible. In order to get a truly good PR agency for your events, you need one that will know how to be creative and innovative with what they do. You can hire any old PR company to handle your events, but that’s not what you want. If you desire something more for your money and want your events and business to succeed overall, you must make a wise decision regarding which agency you select.

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Learn How To Assemble A Camping Tent

January 8th, 2020 by x9NC9k

Summer time has at last arrived and families are putting their heads together to figure out what form of fun they wish to have. There are tons of things that families are able to do for the summer – but none is more fun then camping. While camping you have the ability to have an adventure together that you would never be able to get at Disney World.

There are many provisions that need to be taken with you in order to ensure that your trip is not just fun – but also dependable and cozy. You will find that the most serious supply you demand to have is your tent. This will become your shelter during the trip that will screen you from the bugs, wind, and also rain while you sleep.

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Before you you can set up your tent you will require to look around at the camping ground you are staying at and look for an open part that is flat. It is a bad idea to position yourself underneath a tree or other type of big item because if it rains the water will always be dripping onto your tent. Plus you will wish to stay far away from tree sap, needles, and the inevitable bird poop that could come your way.

Once you have discovered the exact spot you can pull out the tarp and set it down. This is used to keep the base of the tent dry if it should rain and to keep out the morning dew. When the tarp is absolutely placed down you can take your tent and commence putting it together.

The majority of tents that you are able to purchase today do not demand you to pound them into the ground with pegs. They are much easier to assemble because they are free standing and are pliable. This permits you to easily put it together and place the front door in the simplest place for you. Once your tent is finished you need to set the topper – which is waterproof – on the top.

Now that your tent is all prepared you will now blow up your air cot or mattress and put it within the tent. If you truly desire to rough it out you can lose the mattress and utilise the old fashioned sleeping bag without anything below it.

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British TV presenter Rico Daniels tells Wikinews about being ‘The Salvager’

British TV presenter Rico Daniels tells Wikinews about being ‘The Salvager’
November 9th, 2019 by x9NC9k

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rico Daniels is a British TV presenter living in France who is known for his two television series — The Salvager — whilst he still lived in the UK and then Le Salvager after he moved to France. Rico has been in a variety of jobs but his passion is now his profession – he turns unwanted ‘junk’ into unusual pieces of furniture. Rico’s creations and the methods used to fabricate them are the subject of the Salvager shows.

Rico spoke to Wikinews in January about his inspiration and early life, future plans, other hobbies and more. Read on for the full exclusive interview, published for the first time:

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